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What is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin 800mg is the generic drug name of Neurontin which is popularly sold in the market for the prevention and control of seizures in adults. The drug falls under the category of anticonvulsants or antiepileptic medications. It is also sometimes prescribed for the relief of severe neuropathic pain such as that which results from shingles (a painful rash occurring due to herpes).

What are the other uses of Gabapentin?

The medicine is also indicated for the treatment of hot flashes and restless legs syndrome.

Can I take Gabapentin on my own?

Never. The drug should always be administered under the careful guidance of a certified medical practitioner. Any type of self-medication can be really harmful to your body and may result in serious consequences.

How do I know how much dose of Gabapentin do I need to take?

Your doctor will guide you on this. They would thoroughly examine your medical condition and upon deciding that you need to take Gabapentin, they would prescribe you the required dosage in which the drug needs to be taken. Whether the initial dose of 300mg/day is sufficient or it needs to be increased to 600-800 mg/day is entirely your doctor’s discretion depending upon your progress.

Can I buy Gabapentin 800mg online?

Absolutely. The drug is easily available on most online pharmacies making life easier for you. No more running around pharmacies searching for the drug on the way back home and no more hassles of going out of home, especially when you just can’t. (Order Gabapentin 600mg)

Online buying of medicines comes in really handy. An assurance that you can get the desired drug right at your doorstep means a lot. All you need to do is place your order and then simply relax. Everything will be taken care of.

How to Order Gabapentin online?

It is quite simple. Just search for the medicine with the correct drug name or brand name and browse through numerous results offering complete information on ordering the drug online – the dosage it is available in with the pharmacy at that time, its price along with additional discounts if any, expected date of delivery, and payment options available.

Is Gabapentin cash on delivery available?

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Yes, the drug is available in most online pharmacies with the COD option. This enables their customers to check the order upon receipt and if and when fully satisfied, make the full payment. This way, you need not stress over losing your money online too. Your money remains absolutely safe and you are even doubly sure about the arrival of the order since the payment is yet to be made.

Also, paying for Gabapentin 800mg by cash on delivery option offers another advantage: you need not pay for the order immediately. Sometimes, you may run out of balance on online/phone modes of payment. This is where cash on delivery really works best. (Buy Gabapentin 400mg)

Note: Gabapentin 800mg is a strong dosage of the drug and should never be administered without consulting your doctor or pharmacist who you trust.