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Indication for Gabapentin 300mg

Gabapentin 300mg drug is used for the treatment of nerve pain in adults. This kind of pain may be caused either due to herpes virus or shingles infection, also called herpes zoster.

Brands available for Gabapentin

The medicine is usually available in most pharmacies under two popular brand names –Horizant and Neurontin. Horizant is also sometimes prescribed for treating Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Similarly, Neurontin can also be used for seizures in both adults as well as kids over three years of age.

The ideal dosage for Gabapentin 300mg

The drug is prescribed by doctors at an initial dose of 300 mg/day. It is meant to be taken orally by mouth. Gabapentin dosage should never exceed beyond the maximum allowed limit of 3600 mg/day, divided into three doses with the maximum time difference between doses not exceeding 12 hours.

Note: Gabapentin is a prescribed medication and should always be taken under doctor supervision or purchased from a reputed and certified pharmacy only after producing the doctor’s prescription. Self-medication of the drug or exceeding the dosage without doctor advice may result in serious health consequences.

How to order Gabapentin 300mg online

The medicine can easily be found on the most number of popular pharmacy websites. This can save a large amount of time and effort for you, including your money spent as well. You can avail huge bargains and discounts on Gabapentin 300mg if purchased online.

Moreover, women with small kids at home, senior citizens, or patients with nobody around to take care of them may find it difficult to physically go to the medical store. In this case, online buying of Gabapentin 300mg can be of great use and benefit to them.

If you want to know how to order Gabapentin 300mg online, simply search for the drug name along with its indicated dosage on the search engine. You will be immediately flooded with numerous results showing tons of pharmacies near you where this drug would be available.

Just pick your favourite pharmacy from among the list, based on popularity or customer reviews, click on the medicine name and specify the desired dosage strength as well as required quantity. Place your order and choose the payment option as per your convenience.

Gabapentin cash on delivery

Buy Gabapentin Online

The most desirable mode of payment while placing your order for the drug is to choose cash on delivery option. There are several advantages for doing so. One, you are rest assured that your money is safe – you only need to pay after receiving your order. Two, you can first make sure that the order received is correct and to the best of your satisfaction and then pay for it. And three, you can be 100% sure of receiving the order unlike in pre-paid orders, wherein there is a slight doubt of the order not reaching you even after the full payment has been made.

Therefore, it is always advisable to go in for Gabapentin COD option while placing the order online for the medicine.