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There are various formulations available for the administration of Gabapentin like a capsule, tablet, and oral solution, which is broadly an anticonvulsant but is often used to relieve the pain of postherpetic neuralgia or painful condition of nerves and skin. It is not something that can be taken commonly as a mere painkiller. Always consider taking advice from a doctor before making any Gabapentin use to avoid any Gabapentin effects.

This article contains all the necessary details about Gabapentin and its side effect i.e. acute renal failure.

What is Gabapentin?

Gabapentin effects are commonly known to be an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug which is often used as a medication to prevent and control seizures. It is however also used to relieve nerve pain following shingles which is a painful rash in adults. Gabapentin use is also considered favorable for analgesia in chronic kidney disease. Gabapentin is effective in the treatment of neuropathic pain. Kidney stands to be the sole route of elimination of this drug risking the patient for acute renal failure.

How to administer Gabapentin?

It is very important to take instructions from a registered medical practitioner before administering Gabapentin to a patient. The patient information leaflet contains significant information about the same. This drug is taken orally, with or without food as directed by the doctor. Gabapentin is most beneficial if the concentration of the drug in the body is kept constant therefore, it is advised not to miss any dose because of the fear of increasing the frequency of seizures.

Gabapentin Effects and Benefits

Gabapentin is extensively used for controlling seizures in epilepsy and is a major anticonvulsant medication. It helps relieve the pain of postherpetic Neuralgia which is a burning stabbing pain that lasts for months. The extended-release Gabapentin tablets are also used to treat restless leg syndrome which is the condition of discomfort in legs with a strong urge to move them especially at night or while lying down.

This drug treats seizures by decreasing the abnormal excitement in the brain and also relieves the pain of PHN by changing the body’s sensitivity towards pain.

The mechanism of action for treating restless leg syndrome is however not known.

It is really important to stick to the particular medical formulation of Gabapentin because the extended-release tablets cannot be substituted by other formulations. The patient may also experience a sudden rise in frequency and severity of the season as if the medication is abruptly withdrawn therefore the consultation of a doctor is a must Before any such action.

Some other actions of Gabapentin include relieving the pain of diabetic neuropathy which is the number due to nerve damage in Diabetic patients. It is also used to prevent hot flashes in women who are being given treatment for breast cancer or menopause. Gabapentin is not an otc medication therefore the prescription of a doctor or a registered medical practitioner is a must before going for Gabapentin 800 mg cod.

Gabapentin Use in acute renal failure

Before you buy Gabapentin online, you must know that the Common side effects of Gabapentin include dizziness, loss of coordination, tiredness, drowsiness, Blurred vision, and unusual eye movements but some people may encounter depression or suicidal thoughts along with mood swings because this medication is a potential anticonvulsant.

Gabapentin effects are for the nerves and are primarily excreted through the kidney thereby risking the patient for acute renal failure but there is a lack of existing literature research on the topic.

Several researchers have been going on in the recent past regarding the determination of the effect of Gabapentin on the renal system and it has been found in one of the research that patient with a higher serum Gabapentin level have shown a significantly lower glomerular filtration rate with some of them being on chronic dialysis. Gabapentin toxicity was found only in 41.5 % of the symptomatic cases however elderly individuals had multiple comorbidities which were often over-represented in the data of toxic manifestations.

Gabapentin Interactions with other drugs

You must keep a list of all the medications you use before you administer Gabapentin and your doctor must know any allergies or drug interactions that your body may have before describing this as a regular medication for the treatment of your medical condition which may be epilepsy or Neuralgia. The risk of serious Side Effects upon Gabapentin use may increase if you take opioids or Other Drugs of abuse like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.

The symptoms of Gabapentin overdose may include slurred speech, severe drowsiness, or weakness therefore it is advised to take this medication with full precaution and keep it out of reach of any other member of the family to prevent accidental misuse.


Gabapentin is excreted through the kidney so it may play a role in hampering its functioning. Though enough literature work is not available to signify the role of Gabapentin in acute renal failure, the available data shows potential risk and therefore the use of Gabapentin should be done with utmost precaution and constant observation of the patient.

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